Holistic Nutritional Packages



Please email jamie@theoffice954.com to sign up/purchase OR dm on Instagram @jamiemaitland


*You DO NOT have to live in Fort Lauderdale or be a member of the studio to join the reset!


THE 21 DAY RESET is led by Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Jamie Maitland. The group reset is hosted seasonally (4x a year) and only takes 35 people at a time. It's essentially 21 days of no alcohol, dairy, sugar, lectins, you must drink a gallon of water EVERYDAY, get your workouts in and there will be three 24 hour fasts. You will get a completely different perspective on how you view health & wellness, what food actually does to your body, the benefits of fasting and more importantly you will learn the WHY behind everything. 

The 21 Day Reset is not a challenge, it was designed to remind you of your own personal power and that at any point and time you are capable of re-designing your life. Health and Wellness is so much more than just fitness and food. You will learn to set boundaries, develop your own personal philosophy, practice giving yourself commands and actually follow through on them and the steps to taking ACTION consistently. You will also learn what feeds your healthy gut bacteria, we will touch on endocrine disruptors, what foods to avoid, how to make better food choices in general and how to maintain a consistent fitness routine.

This program is very interactive, be prepared to post videos, photos and your personal progress via social media. Posting and putting your business out into the universe makes it real and will help keep you held accountable thru these 21 days, plus you will have a support system of other people doing this as well, you won't be in this alone! 

Once purchased, you will receive your first set of emails 5 days prior to the start date of the reset. You will also get a personal phone call from Jamie to go over any questions or concerns you may have. When the reset starts you will receive an email every Sunday explaining your weekly assignments. Yes, there is homework, you want results right? You have to be willing to put in the work ~ you gotta move different if you want different. 

The 21 Day Reset has a 99% success rate and is best experienced for yourself! To view before & after photos please visit @jamiemaitland on Instagram and click "21 day reset" on the story highlights. 



- "YES" food list

- Meal suggestions 

- Personal phone call from Jamie and access to her anytime throughout the reset

- Access to private group chat and IG stories

- Nutritional information that you will have for life





Please email jamie@theoffice954.com to sign up/purchase OR dm on Instagram @jamiemaitland 


This package is for someone that needs a more hands on approach in regards to  CLEAN EATING. Jamie will suggest what foods to buy based on your dietary preferences and also leave you with a one week custom food menu designed buy you and her. 

You will schedule a time with Jamie to visit your home, she is going to quite literally weed out your unhealthy food choices and help you reorganize/restock your fridge/pantry. You will also get a crash course on food label education, write out a yes/no food list (based on your dietary restrictions and preferences) take a trip to the grocery store, and the visit will conclude back at your home where Jamie will help you reorganize all the new foods you purchased and show you some new cooking methods/meal suggestions.

The goal of this hands on experience is help you create a better relationship with food and to educate you on some of the hidden dangers in what you may think are "healthy foods". She will show what to look for on food packaging, give you perspective on just how detailed & amazing your body actually is, what foods to completely avoid and inspire you to SUSTAIN this CLEAN way of eating on your own. This process may take 3-4 hours so please be mindful to set aside proper time so you're not rushed. 


-One week custom food menu designed by you and Jamie

-Fridge/pantry clean out/declutter/reorganization/restock

-Food label education

-Yes/no food list suggestions 

-Recipe ideas & cooking lessons (if needed)

-Social media follow suggestions

-Personal tips

-Workout suggestions

-Trip to grocery store of your choice





Please email jamie@theoffice954.com to inquire or direct message her on Instagram @jamiemaitland

The Private 21 Day Reset is the ultimate accountability coaching experience. It is extremely hands on and customized to your PERSONAL needs. It is similar to the 21 day reset however, it is not hosted in a group setting, you are not required to post via social media and you can start at anytime. This package is priced based off of all services included and the value coach Jamie will provide, please see below. 

You will have her as your personal private reset coach throughout the 21 days. You will receive daily check-ins, weekly menu suggestions, custom health education depending on what is needed to learn and a complete perspective shift that will help shape your life for the better.

Again, this package is completely custom and can be anything you need it to be. You will have the ultimate accountability coaching experience and absolutely see/feel results.

Lastly, Coach Jamie agrees to provide a full refund if results are not achieved.

Your Health is an investment not an expense. 



- 1 bag of THE OFFICE HEALTH Grass fed Whey Protein 

- 5 Classes to THE OFFICE 954

- "IM BUSY"  hoodie 

- Fridge & Pantry Raid (if needed)

- "YES" food list

- 1 on 1 Personal accountability coaching 

- Menu suggestions personally emailed to you

- Daily phone call/text check ins

- Access to Jamie anytime throughout the reset

- Nutritional information that you will have for life



 *Legal Disclaimer* The information we provide is based on our personal experiences as fitness professionals. Any recommendations we make about weight training, nutrition, supplements or lifestyle suggestions should be discussed with your doctor because working out involves risks. The information you receive from our food consulting packages do not take the place of professional medical advice.