This package is for someone that needs a little extra inspiration/education on CLEAN EATING.

You will schedule a time with Coach Jamie to visit your home, she is going to quite literally weed out your unhealthy food choices and help you reorganize/restock your fridge/pantry. You will also get a crash course on food label education, write out a yes/no food list (based on your dietary restrictions and preferences) and the visit will conclude with a grocery store trip. The goal of this hands on experience is to educate you on some of the hidden dangers in what you may think are "healthy foods". She will show what to look for on food packaging, give you perspective on just how detailed & amazing your body actually is, what foods to completely avoid and inspire you to sustain this CLEAN way of eating on your own. 


-fridge/pantry clean out/declutter/reorganization/restock

-food label education

-yes/no food list

-recipe ideas

-social media follow suggestions

-personal tips

-trip to grocery store of your choice

*Once purchased, please email: to set up your visit*




This program is only for those who are ready to change their perspective on food and the way they consume it.

You will become educated on how to empower your body, workouts, build strength and cut the fat! Each client will be given a customized set of macro-nutrient numbers to follow based specifically on age, activity level and goals. 

While maintaining a CLEAN eating regimen, you'll be asked to track your daily food consumption, including portions, and will be held accountable on a weekly basis by Coach Priscilla. 

This is a no nonsense approach to fueling your body for your lifestyle. You will NOT be given a meal plan, you'll be given the tools you need to UNDERSTAND how your body uses food to operate in order to sustain long term results. 


-weekly check ins with Coach P

-weekly measurements & photos submitted to your coach

-receive custom macro calculations & personal coaching

-E-book, healthy living

-grocery list

-class workout planning

-access to Coach P via email & text

*Once purchased please email: to schedule your start date*




Package includes both the 12 week macro accountability program with Coach Priscilla and the fridge/pantry consultation with Coach Jamie. 

*Once purchased please email: and copy*



*Legal Disclaimer* We are not nutritionist or dietitians. The information we provide is based on our personal experiences as fitness professionals. Any recommendations we make about weight training, nutrition, supplements or lifestyle suggestions should be discussed with your doctor because working out involves risks. The information you receive from our food consulting packages do not take the place of professional medical advice.