These are just SOME of the classes we offer, to see our full schedule please download our free app



BOXING +HIIT  You will coached thru 5 rounds of bag hitting combinations & explosive non-stop cardio circuits. The movements performed in this class will utilize every major muscle group and allow your body to burn a substantial amount of calories. Prepare to experience a very productive sweat session, plus hitting that bag can also be a great stress reliever! We supply boxing gloves, hand wraps can be purchased at the front desk for $5


STRENGTH +HIIT  No, you will not bulk up if you occasionally incorporate heavy weights into your workout routine. Strength training is actually one of THE MOST IMPORTANT exercises to stay fit and healthy and causes you to continue to burn calories for up to 72 hours after the exercise, A.K.A. after burn. This is a full body workout mixed in with high intense interval training, expect your comfort level to be challenged!



BURN  Sometimes less is more. This class is designed to trip up and burn out your small accessory muscles. In order to achieve results, slow isolated movements will be performed in this class so you are able to target those specific muscles. Ballet barre, light ankle & arm weights, pilate ring, mini stability ball, and TRX are some examples of equipment used in this class. Prepare your mind & body for a good amount of pulses, holds and lifts. Remember, if it's burning, that means it's working!



ARMS +HIIT (60min) This class will mainly concentrate on sculpting your ARMS and mixed in will be high intense cardio circuits. Be prepared for an intense workout. 


ASS  (45min) The name says it all, this is an advanced booty focused workout. Equipment used will vary from heavy weights to leg bands, ballet barre and 4lb ankle weights. Your ASS will quite literally be pushed to the limit so get ready to work. We recommend taking this class 3-4 times a week consistently for maximum results. 


CARDIO BEAT  Expect to burn a substantial amount of calories in this unique full body workout! This is a cardio based class that will have you performing each exercise to the BEAT with the use of bands, light dumb bells, step up bench and ankle/wrist weights.