Personally, as your host -I do the 21 Day Reset four times a year. I can tell you from experience that this plan actually works. Food is information for every single cell in your body! I have never felt better, I have more energy, skin is glowing and my all around perspective on food & fitness has shifted, in a good way. I now have a workout and meal prep plan for when I travel, I genuinely know how important it is to drink water CONSISTENTLY and fasting on occasion can do wonders for your body & cell regeneration. Lastly, I've really learned to not let culture design my life, thats my job and I'll create how I want to live it. 

I absolutely love what I do & I HIGHLY recommend THE 21 DAY RESET. For more information, please double click on "holistic nutrition" in the navigation menu.


  • I did my first 21 day reset challenge. I just completed it. I have to say if you looking to get back on track and get your body and mind right. Than you need to sign up for the next one. Also you learn tons about how foods affect your body.. I am lost more weight and inches than I thought I would in 21 days . I plan to continue this lifestyle to get to my goal weight and body I want .. thank you again Jamie for all the information and motivation. 🦄

  • This was my second time doing the 21 day reset & I highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their overall health. You not only learn about gut health, you also are challenged to change up your workout routines.
    Jamie is a great coach and makes herself available for all your questions and needs. If you are wondering why you aren’t losing weight or have thought about doing the reset, don’t second guess yourself. You will miss out 🦄

  • This is really life changing and it’s my third time doing this and each time I push myself a little more intense than before. While I love the physical changes ( lost 16 lbs since) I literally have to say I cured so many hormonal imbalances I had . I had really bad pcos and painful menstrual and it’s it’s been 100% gone since I started this and it changed my life . I’ve suffered from this for years and it wasn’t until I learned and removed those ingredients forever and went down the rabbit hole 😂. I no longer suffer from this since February and it wasn’t even my intention initially to cure it I thought I had to live with it forever . So thank you so much Jamie . I’ll see you in the fall 🤩🙌🏼!!!

  • First thanks!!! I tried probably every program , reset, weight watchers, faster way , cleansing, etc. The 21 day reset really worked for me, no counting, no weighting , no measuring , just consistency, discipline, follow the instructions of @jamiemaitland. I was able to drop 9+ pounds , i learned about terrible ingredients that were in some food in my refrigerator and pantry. Now more than before i check labels and this overall help the nutrition of my household. Now even my kids reas of their Lectin , sugar, sugar, grains, etc. So to me the. BEST program or lifestyle learning i have ever try. Totally recommended and can’t wait to do it again. The support is a great motivation to me and don’t know about you but i love a straight shooter that will keep you in track to me that’s caring so for ever grateful Jamie! 🤗🤗😘💪🏻🦄🤪☀️🏋️‍♀️✅

    Ursula Nicholas

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