Personally, as your host -I do the 21 Day Reset four times a year. I can tell you from experience that this plan actually works. Food is information for every single cell in your body! I have never felt better, I have more energy, skin is glowing and my all around perspective on food & fitness has shifted, in a good way. I now have a workout and meal prep plan for when I travel, I genuinely know how important it is to drink water CONSISTENTLY and fasting on occasion can do wonders for your body & cell regeneration. Lastly, I've really learned to not let culture design my life, thats my job and I'll create how I want to live it. 

I absolutely love what I do & I HIGHLY recommend THE 21 DAY RESET. For more information, please double click on "holistic nutrition" in the navigation menu.


  • Just do it! Making yourself a priority and investing in your health & wellness is invaluable. I had been wanting to try this program for a few years and finally decided to go for it! I’m so glad I did. The program provides a holistic body and mind experience. It’s both challenging and so very rewarding. Jamie has created a program that will work for everyone and provides the guidance, support and resources for you to be successful during the 21 day program and beyond. I will absolutely continue with the program on my own and sign up for another reset in the future! “Do you believe in Unicorns”?!?!!!!!!! – Thank you Jamie, for everything! ~ Gina Marie

    Gina Martinez
  • This is my 2nd RESET and I absolutely feel magical! I’ve had such a great experience I plan to join again. Jamie’s method works, it’s sustainable long term and you learn so much as you go!

    ashleigh safier
  • Do it! If you need a mental boost, do it! If you need a physical boost, do it! If you want to get up with energy, mental clarity, and feeling amazing in your clothes, do it! Jamie has created a program that is unique and extremely special. It works! It’s not easy at first but it’s simple!!! Jamie -you changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Ready for reset #3.

    Eileen Alkabes
  • I just finished the 21 Day Reset and I cannot recommend this program enough. Jamie is so hands on and makes the process FUN. I’ve been curious about the lectin-free diet for some time and have been having horrible gut issues, but didn’t know where to even begin. Joining the program offered me a roadmap, a coach who was there every step of the way to answer questions and help develop a plan, and a community of people (now friends!) doing it together to share experiences, recipes and cheer eachother on. I am so grateful for this experience and plan to continue with most of the eating habits and lifestyle. I am down 6 pounds, feel less bloated, have more defined muscles, feel more energized (afternoon slump practically disappeared!) and my skin is more radiant. DO IT! The best gift you can give to yourself is health and vitality

    Dana lewis
  • The best experience ever!! This is truly molded for anyone and everyone! If you’re looking for motivation, knowledge and accountability this is it!! Incredible experience. Love the group effort it really helps you stay focused. Constantly being able to communicate with other with the same goal and having Jamie a call or text away whenever is amazing. Results are REAL. Highly recommend.


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