Personally, as your host -I do the 21 Day Reset four times a year. I can tell you from experience that this plan actually works. Food is information for every single cell in your body! I have never felt better, I have more energy, skin is glowing and my all around perspective on food & fitness has shifted, in a good way. I now have a workout and meal prep plan for when I travel, I genuinely know how important it is to drink water CONSISTENTLY and fasting on occasion can do wonders for your body & cell regeneration. Lastly, I've really learned to not let culture design my life, thats my job and I'll create how I want to live it. 

I absolutely love what I do & I HIGHLY recommend THE 21 DAY RESET. For more information, please double click on "holistic nutrition" in the navigation menu.


  • I just finished the 21 day reset and I have never felt so strong physically and mentally. The program was an incredible accomplishment for me. This program resets and rewires your brain to make positive changes in all aspects of your life! I have thoroughly enjoyed the group setting and daily check ins with Jamie. It was extremely motivating. I really can’t say enough good things about the 21 day reset. From incredible energy, to feeling great in my skin, confident, focused, and healthy… I want to always feel as I do today. I look forward to taking everything I have learned and will continue on this journey. Thank you Jamie for your heart, and spreading health and wellness all around. You truly are special and I’m happy I know you!

    Jaime Galapo
  • Do it! You won’t regret it! In fact you’ll be forever grateful. Whatever the reason is for needing this in your life, it will work it’s unicorn magic. Mine was bloating and inflammation, and in the first week it was gone, and by the third week it was a thing of the past. This isn’t a quick fix thing, this is a your life will be changed thing.

  • I just finished my 21 day reset & loved it!!! I will continue on with it. I enjoyed the knowledge Jamie shared about food & how it affects your body. Being held accountable was very motivating. I am so happy with the outcome of losing some weight, inches & inflammation! I highly recommend this program.

  • I highly recommend the 21 day reset with Jamie. I had tried so many things after giving birth to my daughter and nothing worked. After completing this challenge, I have lost all of my postpartum weight and MORE. All of my jeans that I own are TOO big. I barely wear make up now because I am so content with how my face looks without it. I am so eager to get a workout in everyday, and I am sad when I don’t get to work out. Not only did I change my nutrition and workouts, but also daily habits and lifestyle. Jamie is such a wonderful coach and motivator. I can’t wait to try another reset with her!

  • 10 out of Infinity – Highly Recommend this RESET! My whole perspective on nutrition, health & wellness has completely shifted in the best way possible. I feel amazing physically & mentally & I’m so confident that I now have the tools to continue to improve & achieve the best life for myself going forward! & I would do it again to keep learning more! Thank you Jamie for sharing your unicorn magic, forever grateful!

    Abby Baragwanath

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