Personally, as your host -I do the 21 Day Reset four times a year. I can tell you from experience that this plan actually works. Food is information for every single cell in your body! I have never felt better, I have more energy, skin is glowing and my all around perspective on food & fitness has shifted, in a good way. I now have a workout and meal prep plan for when I travel, I genuinely know how important it is to drink water CONSISTENTLY and fasting on occasion can do wonders for your body & cell regeneration. Lastly, I've really learned to not let culture design my life, thats my job and I'll create how I want to live it. 

I absolutely love what I do & I HIGHLY recommend THE 21 DAY RESET. For more information, please double click on "holistic nutrition" in the navigation menu.


  • From the bottom of my very conditioned heart, I thank Jamie and this program for giving me the boost I needed to get out of my bad habits and get the results I deserve. This was something that was very intimidating for me to come into, and within a day Jamie and everyone in the group made me feel so welcome. On top of that – I just knew to trust the process. I’ve spent 6 months training hard at The Office and saw how different it was from anywhere else I had ever been to, and I knew this program would be just as magical. The 21-Day Reset is what other gyms wish they could pull off – a fun, functional, all-encompassing lifestyle challenge. It would be difficult for anyone to take this challenge seriously and not see results. It is a challenge that extends beyond 21 days – I, like many others, want to continue with most of the rules because life is just better that way – and it no longer feels like a challenge.
    Thank you to Jenna, Mike, Cindy, Wendy, Anthony, Jae, and Priscilla for being the best of the best in what you each do – they are the heart that keeps The Office beating. Each coach brings something so special to the table that helps to make The Office what it is. And I certainly can’t mention The Office without shouting out everyone’s favorite momager who makes us all feel like her babies. Jan is the spirit of The Office; I look forward to seeing her smiling face before getting my ass kicked. No words necessary for Peach – she knows she is the adorable eye candy of the place. And Jamie, is truly the unicorn that all of us need. Some people in life just have that “it” factor, and that is how I would describe Jamie – she has that unexplainable thing that makes training with her magical.

    Jilly P.
  • I just completed my first 21 day reset and I am truly speechless. In this past 21 days, I have lost 12 lbs, had the best sleep of my life, mental clarity and focus, increased strength and endurance during workouts and completely altered the way I am and will continue to eat. Jamie was hands on, day by day, motivating and leading us to success. The information I have learned during this 21 days will last a lifetime! (ps. I WILL be doing the 21 day reset again!)

  • Totally worth every second. I learned so much. I feel better I am lighter then I stared but most importantly I now have the knowledge to make educated choices. I didn’t think I could handle the 24 fast but breaking it up into two days is super smart and very doable.

  • The 21 day reset was such an awesome and eye opening experience. I am someone who is passionate about my health and fitness, and have always prided myself with eating well a good majority of the time. I have done all sorts of plans to try to get leaner, but I always found that since I ate well already, it would take an extreme change to change my body. Those extreme changes always came with anxiety and over thinking. For me, the 21 day reset although intense with rules truly felt the opposite of other things I’ve done. It was extremely eye opening to see how quickly my body changed with the elimination of foods I viewed as healthy and ate regularly for years. Having Jamie there day in and day out sharing her knowledge, tips and advice was such a huge help. She literally sent good morning and good night messages to our group 🥹🤣. I saw changes in my body and I saw them quick. I also didn’t weigh myself once and never really felt the need to. I knew I was eating the top quality foods, I felt good and my results showed just that! I am someone who regularly would get head aches and stomach aches- and I never really could understand why. During the 21 day reset, I didn’t have a single head ache or stomach ache, and all around just felt great. I plan to continue this plan long term with a few exceptions. Huge shout out to Jamie for your knowledge, encouragement and passion for what you do. I truly look up to you and look forward to working with you in the future!!! 🦄💗🪄

  • This was my first reset and I was not sure what to expect! I honestly didn’t think I could do it. After week one I was hooked.

    Let me tell you the reset is NO JOKE! Not only I lost 18lbs I never felt so good in my life. I suffer from stomach issues and acid reflux and this reset cured both. Energy thru the roof, brain fog gone, bloating down, and weight shed. Can’t wait for the next one!!!
    Marc Falsetto

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