Personally, as your host -I do the 21 Day Reset four times a year. I can tell you from experience that this plan actually works. Food is information for every single cell in your body! I have never felt better, I have more energy, skin is glowing and my all around perspective on food & fitness has shifted, in a good way. I now have a workout and meal prep plan for when I travel, I genuinely know how important it is to drink water CONSISTENTLY and fasting on occasion can do wonders for your body & cell regeneration. Lastly, I've really learned to not let culture design my life, thats my job and I'll create how I want to live it. 

I absolutely love what I do & I HIGHLY recommend THE 21 DAY RESET. For more information, please double click on "holistic nutrition" in the navigation menu.


  • I highly recommend the 21 day reset, if you are committed it absolutely works.. the support from Jamie is amazing. It not only helps you loose weight it changes you for the better learning how our foods affect us. The importance of making good choices, keeping your body and mind healthy.

    Lilian Hoyt
  • I highly recommend investing in yourself and signing up for the 21 day reset! I knew this program would be great, but it far exceeded my expectations. Yes, the group has helped change my body composition, but I took away so much more than that. The group has helped me feel confident in the kitchen and has helped me to prioritize myself by creating better daily habits. Jamie has a gift of making the information she provides easy to digest and implement. Jamie has a wealth of knowledge to offer and is consistently available to answer any questions/provide support. I miss working with her already! Jamie is a real unicorn! 🦄

    ❤️ Jen

  • I had watched in the darkness of Instagram when Jamie would post about the 21 day reset & always knew in the back of my mind I would do it. I had an overwhelming feeling one day that I needed it & didn’t hesitate for a moment to sign up. It’s a challenge I needed to succeed at, both mentally & physically. The tools you’re given explain WHY you’re doing certain things & it will change the way you approach eating forever. Knowledge is power & when you take that power under your toolbelt, you have everything you need to understand your body, become in tune with it & solve the ROOT of issues you might have. Thank you Jamie for forever changing my mentality on food & the effects on my body!

    Shelby Hopkins
  • The 21 day reset was a true life changing experience for me. I was someone truly looking to change my habits (which I knew were bad) and learn more about food and how it interacted with my body. I have suffered from psoriasis my whole life, understanding how food made it flare is and was one goal in doing this reset. Not only am I narrowing that down but it has also helped an unexpected trait, anxiety! I have normal anxiety with any working mom of two-kids, but dealing with everyday stress has become IMMENSELY easier. I 100000000% attribute this to the food I am now eating.

    Do the fu@$ing reset people, it’s hard but isn’t anything worth having? …your health is worth it!!!

    Jess Brancaccio
  • I completed my first reset with Jamie and it changed my life completely. Through her educating us, holding us accountable and preaching consistency, I saw such a difference in both the physical and mental aspects of life. I lost about 14 pounds which is amazing but I noticed muscle definition, my skin is glowing and clear, and let’s not forget my inflammation in my body is literally like nothing. I did the reset as a way to purge my body of bad food choices but also purging all the crap i’ve had to be on for my autoimmune disease. I have had 0 symptoms while doing this reset and i’ve never been able to be so active in my 12 years of having RA. I’m leaving this reset so happy with being able to see progress but also so happy to be so educated on the interconnection between food, our bodies, and movement. Jamie is one of the most phenomenal women I have had the pleasure of connecting with. See you for the August reset!! Thank you, Jamie!

    Carly Nosky

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